Our association to the VetCare clinics and Treat-a-Pet stores gives us the ability to offer a full compliment of services to delight and pamper your pet.

We offer:

Obesity clinics
Our slim fit clinic will provide guidance to assist you to help your pet loose weight through correct nutrition. Let us provide professional advice on how to increase your pet´s quality of life and life span by simply loosing those unwanted kilos. Bring your pet in for a free weight assessment and advice.

Geriatric clinics
Our professionals are there to provide the latest up to date information on how to provide your pet with quality of life in the golden years. The VetCare clinic professionals will guide you on what is necessary to provide long life with quality and dignity..

Behavioural problems
We have the professionals to assist us helping those difficult pets that just wont listen or have phobias and hang ups. In our parlours we often get faced with difficult pets that are that way because of bad traits imprinted when they were young. A happy pet is a trusting balanced pet.

Vet Shop
All the Groom–a–Pet parlours are part of the Treat–a–Pet stores. Providing a happy shopping experience backed by our knowledgeable staff to advise on the correct toys and nutrition.

A quality endorsed experience for pet and owner.–try us –we care.

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